spoiler character implications from madoka movies

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+1 from me.

While I don't know what other threads have brought this up, the thread that led to the creation of Midna (True) (topic #9773) used Ultimate Madoka as an example of spoilers serving as a logical exception to usual character implying procedures, hence Midna's tag didn't imply Midna at first. Then, about two years later, with little discussion, Midna's true form began implying Midna (topic #11661). This suggests that the policy to not have chartags imply if they relate to spoilers is bullshit (consider also: topic #20745).

What's considered spoilers changes overtime. Back when the OG anime/Rebellion released? Yeah, Madoka becoming a goddess and Homura becoming a demon were huge. Nowadays a random mobile game can get a collab with the series with those variants appearing no problem, not to mention the current PMMM mobile game just advertising Akuma Homura-chan on its Twitter plainly. With 11 years since OG anime and 8 since Rebellion, I'd only consider it spoilers if they were doing anything specifically spoilerific, not, say, just smiling with a cup of coffee in hand, like in post #5266994.

I think trying to avoid spoilers on a site like this is a futile effort in general. If you're looking up fanart on the internet you should expect to see spoilers. If you want to avoid spoilers for a show like this you're going to have to avoid the internet completely, because other sites aren't going to be nearly as averse to spoilers as we are.

I could see spoiler tags being relevant for like...two weeks at best? But the issue is that what constitutes a spoiler differs from person to person. Any new work that ever releases would qualify for different people, but having a spoiler tag exist on every work for two weeks feels like it would be awkward. Not to mention that while some series instantly get posted here, others are ignored for months or even years before they get fanart.

It made more sense when the site was newer and you had people worshiping the ground Touhou/Madoka walked on, but with how big the site has grown I think it has run its course. You can't play any form of online game without someone crowing about series spoilers on everything from Full House to Spy X Family, not to mention series spoiling their own twists inside their newer media. (The Fate section is particularly funny about this.)

Could probably get rid of the spoiler designation entirely and nothing would be different. Half the names that people demand to be spoiler-statused are nearly a decade old if not longer, and you can't preserve that status forever.