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Log said: forum #18041

That's a list of what names should be, but not what needs to be aliased. Still, as they're all one word names, it'd be nice if we could just alias the tags and give a one sentence note in the Wiki about them. I'm not sure I want a bunch of one word to one word name aliases.

Ok, these are the changes that need to be made, however you want to make them.

レイナ -> reina -> Leina
クローデット -> Claudette
ナナエル -> Nanael
トモエ -> Tomoe
メローナ -> Melona
メナス -> menasu -> Menace
アイリ -> Airi
ノワ -> Nowa
アレイン -> Alleyne
エリナ -> erina -> Elina
シズカ -> Shizuka
イルマ -> Irma
エキドナ -> equidonia -> Echidna
カトレア -> Cattleya
ユーミル -> yuumil -> Ymir
リスティ -> listy -> Risty
アルドラ -> Aldra
ニクス -> nix -> Nyx
メルファ -> Melpha

Soljashy said:
Thanks for linking back to forum #18041, Log. For a while there I thought my efforts had gone unnoticed (you guys must realize the horrors of loading the Queen's Blade site).

Huh... I wonder why that thread didn't show up when I searched for it in the forum... good to see I wasn't the first one to bring this up, though.

Anyway, whoever designed that website -- sorry, that Flash animation -- should be given a crash course in website design and, optionally, fired. Did they hire a graphic design major with no experience in website design or something?

(I was going to say that they should be shot, but then I remembered that I've seen worse.)


I just went with mass edit/tag scripting the existing ones to their official spellings. I also put a See note in the wiki entry for the previously used names. They'll need some babysitting for a little while as people adjust to the new tags (especially Reina/Leina, I imagine), but I made the old names general tagtype to give people a hint.

I only went ahead and did the ones Fencedude linked in the post. Let me know if some of the unlinked ones need anything done to them.

Fencedude said:
Characters from actual shows should take priority, so we'll have echidna and echidna_(monster_girl)

I disagree. An echidna is a mythological greek monster (not quite sure why the decidedly non-monstrous Oceanic monotreme is named after it, though). It's not just a character made up by the "monster girl series". Furthermore, I can name at least one other "proper series" character named Echidna - one of the main antagonists in black cat. The echidna tag has as much legitimacy as the centaur tag, IMO. If some new anime has a character named harpy, I hope we're not going to relegate all other harpies to a harpy_(monster_girl) tag.

Log said: I meant to post this yesterday but it should probably be echinda_(lamia) as it was a type of lamia.

I think maybe just a more generic echidna_(monster) or _(creature) would be better, as we reduce the number of unique qualifiers by going more broad.

Some of these really need qualifiers, and I think ew can standardize the qualifiers to just queen's_blade

create alias clawdette -> claudette_(queen's_blade)
create alias eirin_(queen's_blade_rebellion) -> eilin_(queen's_blade)
create alias aldora -> aldra_(queen's_blade)
create alias huit -> yuit_(queen's_blade)
create alias sainyan -> sainyang_(queen's_blade)
create alias siggy -> sigui_(queen's_blade)
create alias tarnyan -> tarnyang_(queen's_blade)

Manually edited:
lyla -> laila_(queen's_blade)

runaruna -> lunaluna_(queen's_blade)
[conflicted with]
lunaluna -> lunaluna_(luminous_arc)