Aliasing types of hair ornaments to musical_note_hair_ornament

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The bulk update request #11037 has been approved by @evazion.

mass update treble_clef_hair_ornament -treble_clef -> treble_clef
mass update bass_clef_hair_ornament -bass_clef -> bass_clef
create implication musical_note_hair_ornament -> musical_note
create alias treble_clef_hair_ornament -> musical_note_hair_ornament
create alias bass_clef_hair_ornament -> musical_note_hair_ornament
create alias fortissimo_hair_ornament -> musical_note_hair_ornament
mass update favgroup:15559 -> musical_note_hair_ornament

An alternative to nuking fortissimo_hair_ornament from topic #21572. All four symbols are listed on the musical note wiki page, and people occasionally already did tag these as musical note hair ornaments, like in post #3550125, post #5170994 or post #4252407.

We currently do not have separate tags for musical note hair ornaments: no eighth note hair ornament, no beamed sixteenth note hair ornament, nothing. This doesn't mean that such posts are be unfindable, as you are still able to search for, say, musical_note_hair_ornament eigth_note. Similar thing would happen here.