alias bunting -> string_of_flags

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magcolo said:

The bulk update request #11476 has been rejected.

create alias bunting -> string_of_flags

I'm not sure about their differences.

Most of the posts under bunting could be moved over to string of flags with the exception of post #5130057 (string of hearts) and post #4462228 (string of a flower shapes).

Not sure on the alias. Bunting as a term seems to include things like long strips of patterned fabric (example) and fan-shaped fabric (example, note both the standalone and chained ones are both considered bunting) besides the flag bunting.

magcolo said:

Does that mean that string of flags could be implicated to bunting? Or separate them and give better definitions?

I wouldn't recommend implicating string of flags to bunting at the moment, since non-flag bunting is pretty much either non-existent or not tagged. Perhaps keep them separate with better definitions and then see what does fit under bunting. Later we can re-evaluate it after we see where it goes (or doesn't).