Alias Froot_(vtuber) -> BSApricot_(vtuber)

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The bulk update request #20918 has been approved by @nonamethanks.


create alias bsapricot_(vtuber) -> apricot_the_lich
rename bsapricot_(vtuber)_(1st_costume) -> apricot_the_lich_(1st_costume)
rename bsapricot_(vtuber)_(2nd_costume) -> apricot_the_lich_(2nd_costume)
rename bsapricot_(vtuber)_(swimsuit) -> apricot_the_lich_(swimsuit)
create alias apricot_the_lich_(3rd_costume) -> apricot_the_lich_(swimsuit)
rename bsapricot_(vtuber)_(winter) -> apricot_the_lich_(winter)
create alias apricot_the_lich_(4th_costume) -> apricot_the_lich_(winter)
rename bsapricot_(vtuber)_(cheerleader) -> apricot_the_lich_(cheerleader)
create alias apricot_the_lich_(5th_costume) -> apricot_the_lich_(cheerleader)
rename bsapricot_(vtuber)_(froot_2.0) -> apricot_the_lich_(froot_2.0)
create alias apricot_the_lich_(6th_costume) -> apricot_the_lich_(froot_2.0)
rename bsapricot_(vtuber)_(battie_bunny) -> apricot_the_lich_(battie_bunny)
create alias apricot_the_lich_(7th_costume) -> apricot_the_lich_(battie_bunny)
rename bsapricot_(vtuber)_(8th_costume) -> apricot_the_lich_(8th_costume)
rename bsapricot_(vtuber)_(9th_costume) -> apricot_the_lich_(9th_costume)
create alias apricot_the_lich_(9th_costume) -> apricot_the_lich_(vampidol)

Following on the Zentreya BUR (forum #251132), and addressing the concerns raised over Froot's tag name (forum #258281), it's probably high-time we reverse the BUR here and have something else be the main name for her tag. Given that her name is still credited as Apricot on social media, I think going with "Apricot the Lich" makes most sense. Additionally, relevant utility aliases are present, per current nth_costume -> descriptive transitionary procedure discussed in the second-linked thread. For the ones that have descriptives already, they can be discussed further in the relevant VTuber costume thread.