Girls' Frontline SWAP enemies

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The SWAP enemies in Girls' Frontline are, in essence, stronger versions of the enemy named (Exclusive to Sangvis Ferri so far). This raises a few questions-
1. Should the SWAP versions be tagged alone, and not implicate their regular form? I.e, implicate ripper_swap_(girls'_frontline) -> ripper_(girls'_frontline), Y/N?
2. Should the presence of a SWAP version instead be allocated to it's own tag, rather than creating new tags each time a SWAP character is uploaded/tagged? For example, swap_unit_(girls'_frontline) to replace anything like ripper_swap or aegis_swap and so on.
3. Should it be given it's own distinction in the first place? To begin with, these enemies are not encountered until so late into the game you're essentially a pro at the game (which takes a lot of time or whaling). They're not depicted often at all. I'm certain there already exists a tag that indicates a higher level enemy, partially defeating the need to indicate the difference in these units.
4. Am I jumping on this way too early? There's only 5 SWAP posts tagged right now.

I think you're jumping on this way too early. All posts with Ripper SWAP already have Ripper tagged onto them, and with how little traction these posts likely already have, anyone uploading/tagging them would likely be the kind to thoroughly tag anyway. That isn't to say we shouldn't consider an implication in the future, it just seems like something that, if done now, would be auto-removed later due to lack of use.

In regards to points 2 and 3, we should almost certainly have tags for these units, because they are visually distinct (and the point of encountering them late into the game isn't as valid anymore because Protocol Assimilation, the other likely way players are going to run into SWAP units, gets unlocked after beating Chapter 7, which isn't super late at all, and you just need a roll of the dice to get your own SWAP unit). Given we're moving away from having gentags which act like Remodel tags (or at least working on it), it wouldn't make sense to have a swap unit (girls' frontline) tag.

baconmeh2 said:

What is a "gentag"? Sounds like a protag or antag.

'Gentag' is a shortening of 'general tag', just like how 'chartag' and 'copytag' are shortenings for 'character tag' and 'copyright tag' respectively.