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Any costume that's a uniform other characters are seen with, like a school uniform, should definitely be a <x> uniform gentag rather than a Fujimaru chartag.

I'm torn on one or two of the Fuji uniforms chartags (like True Ether) because they /are/ uniforms but we've never seen anyone else wear them - but in general a lot of them should be gentags instead.
Stuff like Mage's association, Combat Uniform, Polar Uniform, Decisive Battle Uniform are actual uniforms which characters other than them can maybe seen wearing, like post #5400079. (I'm not sure on all of them?)

Then you have stuff like Anniversary Blonde as a chartag too when it's a literal cosplay of another character...

At the very least something like the Souya high school uniform should definitely be a gentag, it's literally the school uniform from Tsukihime and has essentially nothing to do with the Fujimarus beyond being a borrowed outfit.

I agree with Mage's being made gen, as mentioned with forum #212855. The others I'm more ambivalent on. Combat uniform is canonically seen worn by other characters (I think by the A Team and Mash in the anime IIRC), but is Polar? (FWIW, it's officially "Arctic" and not "Polar") In the former case, I think we could do a one-to-one alias to separate male and female uniform gen tags since they look quite distinct. Kadoc in post #5400079 is somewhat distinct from the standard uniform and I think he could just use his own tag.