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PostModeMenu+ adds additional options to the mode menu underneath the Search bar on the posts page. It also provides additional enhancements, including drag/select multiple posts and limiting concurrent network calls to reduce the likelihood of network errors.


Project page
Main script
Usage notes
Additional modes
  • Vote up
  • Vote down
  • Unvote
  • Copy ID - Copies the post ID(s) to the clipboard.
  • Copy Short - Copies the post shortlink, e.g. post #1234
  • Copy Link - Copies the post HTTP link, e.g. post #1234

Available only in the additional modes, plus the Tag Script mode. Click and drag, releasing the mouse once all of the desired posts have been selected. The current mode action will then be applied to all selected posts.

Select only

When this mode is on, clicking posts or drag/selecting them will only leave posts in a selected state. The desired mode menu function is only activated after clicking the "Apply All" button. Additionally, All/None/Invert buttons have been provided to facilitate batch selection changes.

Network config

Limits the number of concurrent network calls to N (default is 5), in order to avoid getting HTTP 429 TOO MANY REQUEST ERRORS or other network errors. Additionally, if there are network errors, the specific posts where these errors occurred can be highlighted.


Settings can be modified from User Settings -> Userscript Menus -> PostModeMenu.


Any suggestions or feedback is appreciated.

Latest edits

  • (2022-09-04) Updated script link in OP
  • (2022-08-27)
    • Version 7
      • Additional modes
      • Additional separators
      • Responsive rate limiting


  • (2022-08-02)
    • Version 5 Initial release
  • (2022-08-19)
    • Version 6
      • Select only mode
      • Long text inputs
      • Network error highlights
  • (2022-08-27)
    • Version 7
      • Additional modes
      • Additional separators
      • Responsive rate limiting


Version 6 release
  • Additions:
    • Select only mode, where posts are selected first before processing them
      • All/None/Invert buttons for select only mode
    • Optional long search and tag script bars that span the entire screen
    • Optional highlight mechanism for posts when network errors occur
  • Changes:
    • Renamed upvote to vote up, and downvote to vote down, to avoid confusion with unvote
    • When in select only mode, posts are not unselected when changing between modes
    • However, posts are unselected when toggling the select only mode on/off
Version 7 release
  • Additions:
    • Additional modes: Favorite, Unfavorite
      • Copy Short - copies the post shortlink, e.g. post #1234
      • Copy Link - copies the post HTTP link, e.g. post #1234
    • Additional separators: colon, semicolon
    • Responsive rate limiting: reads the API limit sent back by Danbooru and adjusts accordingly
  • Changes:
    • Hide the script controls when an enabled mode is not selected
    • For copy short mode, it adds a space before "post"; for copy link, it adds a space before and after the link.