Flower crown alias

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BUR #11551 has been rejected.

create implication head_wreath_removed -> wreath
create implication christmas_wreath -> wreath
create implication flower_wreath -> wreath
create implication head_wreath -> wreath
create implication holding_wreath -> wreath

A flower crown is specifically a flower wreath that is worn on the head. If anything, flower wreath and head wreath should imply the main wreath tag. Can't add holding_wreath -> holding implication because of insufficient posts, but whatever.

Also, maybe olive wreath should be aliased to laurel crown...? They seem to be more-or-less the same thing.

Looking over past discussions, it seems things (both the alias and lack of implications) are the way they are because there was meant to be a distinction between decorative hung wreaths and wreaths worn on the head, which is something I didn't even consider at first with how hard it is to find the former in flower wreath. If this is still the case, my BUR is flawed since flower crown is headwear first and foremost, and you can't imply flower wreath to head wreath as long as a flower wreath does not need to be headwear.

Maybe this could be solved by creating a separate tag for strictly non-wearable wreaths and bringing back flower crown as its own tag, under a different name if needed? (as per topic #3207, it was nipped in the bud 12 years ago due to not matching the site's usage of "crown")