Alias color_swimsuit to color_one-piece_swimsuit

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BUR #11691 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias red_swimsuit -> red_one-piece_swimsuit
create alias orange_swimsuit -> orange_one-piece_swimsuit
create alias yellow_swimsuit -> yellow_one-piece_swimsuit
create alias green_swimsuit -> green_one-piece_swimsuit
create alias blue_swimsuit -> blue_one-piece_swimsuit
create alias purple_swimsuit -> purple_one-piece_swimsuit
create alias grey_swimsuit -> grey_one-piece_swimsuit
create alias white_swimsuit -> white_one-piece_swimsuit
create alias black_swimsuit -> black_one-piece_swimsuit
create alias pink_swimsuit -> pink_one-piece_swimsuit
create alias aqua_swimsuit -> aqua_one-piece_swimsuit
create alias striped_swimsuit -> striped_one-piece_swimsuit

The color_swimsuit tags are meant for one-piece swimsuits only, yet there are some bikini posts mistagged with color_swimsuit when they should have been tagged as color_bikini instead. Maybe an alias can alleviate this?

Actually, going through *_one-piece_swimsuit -one-piece_swimsuit, I'm not so convinced these are useful distinctions.

I think pink_one-piece_swimsuit should obviously implicate one-piece_swimsuit, but even with just slingshot_swimsuits and dress_swimsuits in the mix it's hard to see how to tag their colors correctly without creating dozens of tags.

The upshot is that there are quite a few categories of swimsuits, male and female, that in practice don't really overlap. I think I'd rather see separate tags for swimsuit styles and colors than figuring out the entire Cartesian product.

There are just so many more bikinis than anything else, and I don't see e.g. black_swimsuit bikini and black_swimsuit competition_swimsuit being much less descriptive than black_bikini and black_competition_swimsuit. If black_bikini and black_one-piece_swimsuit were merged, they'd stay almost completely distinguishable with a second tag.

For that matter, bikini one-piece_swimsuit only has some 9k posts (to bikini's 332k and one-piece_swimsuit's 87k). Posts simply don't usually have multiple suits of different styles.