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deprecate space_pirate

There is no consistent visual attribute between space pirates in different copyrights, making this largely an underused canon tag. Space pirates are just pirates who operate in space - sometimes they look like traditional pirates, sometimes they look like sci-fi takes on the theme, and sometimes they don't have any pirate inspired visuals at all and are completely categorized as such by canon. As it currently stands the tag is mostly used for 3 things:

  • the enemies from Metroid, which have their own tag and look like monstrous aliens with no pirate-themed motifs - you wouldn't be able to tell they're space pirates just from looking at them if you didn't know the name.
  • Katou Marika, who you can only tell is specifically a space pirate by canon - her pirate outfit is pretty much the same as that of a traditional pirate, see post #1616599 and post #2812377
  • Harlock Saga posts, which are pretty much sci-fi adaptations of the pirate aesthetic, and spaceships with skull & crossbones themes - but if you removed all of the other posts in the tag it'd pretty much be just Harlock posts, which would make it pointless.
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