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AngryZapdos said:

I don't think it's worth tagging; it's information on the same level as whether a bracelet has a clasp or not.

Except that in the case of vibrators, whether they have a wire attached or not often (but not always) gives rise to a different kind of situation depicted in the post.

Remote control vibrators with a wire, mostly the common pink bullet vibrators often are depicted stuffed in a stocking, thighhigh, etc. See post #5587870

On the other hand, wireless rc vibes are often shown in the situation where someone else is holding the remote, sometimes in a public setting. See post #5526706

I understand that this is not always the case, and this might not warrant a separate tag on Danbooru, but the distinction here seems not on the same level as the bracelet example to me. Just my 2 cents, I am not that invested.

BUR #11894 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias wireless_sex_toy_control -> wireless_sex_toy_controller
create implication wireless_sex_toy_controller -> remote_control
create implication wireless_sex_toy_controller -> remote_control_vibrator

Since there's opposition, I'll propose this counter-BUR as an alternative. My vote's still to alias it, but if it stays then we should at least add implications and give it a better name.