blacklisting tags doesn't work properly

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Blacklisting tags does not work properly there are still some that slip through. Example I blacklist futa, yaoi/yuri and in searches see posts with that tag on, even though I blacklisted them. Redone the blacklisting multiple times added any variation there could possibly be and it still doesn't work.

Make sure that there’s only one tag that you want to blacklist per line. If you put yaoi yuri on one line, it will only hide posts that are tagged yaoi and yuri.

Also, make sure that you haven’t accidentally disabled your blacklist by clicking “Disable all”. If you’re browsing the site and the blacklist shows lines crossed out and there’s a “Re-enable all” below it, click the “Re-enable all” to switch it back on.

nonamethanks said:

Post your blacklist so that we can see if you're doing something wrong.

Screenshot doesn't work but but all the tags are one per line. Also I haven't clicked on "disable all" soooo. I don't know what's going on.