Deprecating *_hakama tags

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BUR #12137 has been rejected.


deprecate red_hakama
deprecate blue_hakama
deprecate black_hakama
deprecate pink_hakama
deprecate green_hakama
deprecate purple_hakama
deprecate brown_hakama
deprecate grey_hakama
deprecate white_hakama
deprecate yellow_hakama
deprecate orange_hakama
deprecate print_hakama
deprecate frilled_hakama
deprecate hakama_lift
deprecate hakama_pull
deprecate torn_hakama
deprecate hakama_removed
mass update red_hakama solo hakama_skirt -> red_skirt -red_hakama
mass update red_hakama solo hakama_pants -> red_pants -red_hakama
mass update red_hakama solo hakama_shorts -> red_shorts -red_hakama
mass update blue_hakama solo hakama_skirt -> blue_skirt -blue_hakama
mass update blue_hakama solo hakama_pants -> blue_pants -blue_hakama
mass update blue_hakama solo hakama_shorts -> blue_shorts -blue_hakama
mass update black_hakama solo hakama_skirt -> black_skirt -black_hakama
mass update black_hakama solo hakama_pants -> black_pants -black_hakama
mass update black_hakama solo hakama_shorts -> black_shorts -black_hakama
mass update pink_hakama solo hakama_skirt -> pink_skirt -pink_hakama
mass update pink_hakama solo hakama_pants -> pink_pants -pink_hakama
mass update pink_hakama solo hakama_shorts -> pink_shorts -pink_hakama
mass update green_hakama solo hakama_skirt -> green_skirt -green_hakama
mass update green_hakama solo hakama_pants -> green_pants -green_hakama
mass update green_hakama solo hakama_shorts -> green_shorts -green_hakama
mass update purple_hakama solo hakama_skirt -> purple_skirt -purple_hakama
mass update purple_hakama solo hakama_pants -> purple_pants -purple_hakama
mass update purple_hakama solo hakama_shorts -> purple_shorts -purple_hakama
mass update brown_hakama solo hakama_skirt -> brown_skirt -brown_hakama
mass update brown_hakama solo hakama_pants -> brown_pants -brown_hakama
mass update brown_hakama solo hakama_shorts -> brown_shorts -brown_hakama
mass update grey_hakama solo hakama_skirt -> grey_skirt -grey_hakama
mass update grey_hakama solo hakama_pants -> grey_pants -grey_hakama
mass update grey_hakama solo hakama_shorts -> grey_shorts -grey_hakama
mass update white_hakama solo hakama_skirt -> white_skirt -white_hakama
mass update white_hakama solo hakama_pants -> white_pants -white_hakama
mass update white_hakama solo hakama_shorts -> white_shorts -white_hakama
mass update yellow_hakama solo hakama_skirt -> yellow_skirt -yellow_hakama
mass update yellow_hakama solo hakama_pants -> yellow_pants -yellow_hakama
mass update yellow_hakama solo hakama_shorts -> yellow_shorts -yellow_hakama
mass update orange_hakama solo hakama_skirt -> orange_skirt -orange_hakama
mass update orange_hakama solo hakama_pants -> orange_pants -orange_hakama
mass update orange_hakama solo hakama_shorts -> orange_shorts -orange_hakama
mass update print_hakama solo hakama_skirt -> print_skirt -print_hakama
mass update print_hakama solo hakama_pants -> print_pants -print_hakama
mass update print_hakama solo hakama_shorts -> print_shorts -print_hakama
mass update frilled_hakama solo hakama_skirt -> frilled_skirt -frilled_hakama
mass update frilled_hakama solo hakama_pants -> frilled_pants -frilled_hakama
mass update frilled_hakama solo hakama_shorts -> frilled_shorts -frilled_hakama
mass update hakama_lift solo hakama_skirt -> skirt_lift -hakama_lift
mass update hakama_pull solo hakama_skirt -> skirt_pull -hakama_pull
mass update hakama_pull solo hakama_pants -> pants_pull -hakama_pull
mass update hakama_pull solo hakama_shorts -> shorts_pull -hakama_pull
mass update torn_hakama solo hakama_skirt -> torn_skirt -torn_hakama
mass update torn_hakama solo hakama_pants -> torn_pants -torn_hakama
mass update torn_hakama solo hakama_shorts -> torn_shorts -torn_hakama
mass update hakama_removed solo hakama_skirt -> skirt_removed -hakama_removed
mass update hakama_removed solo hakama_pants -> pants_removed -hakama_removed
mass update hakama_removed solo hakama_shorts -> shorts_removed -hakama_removed

It doesn't make sense for us to have something like red hakama when hakama can mean either skirt or pants or shorts. It's also padding because a hakama skirt in theory would have to be tagged with hakama skirt red skirt red hakama, an extra tag for no benefit.

These are a leftover from topic #17229 back when hakama meant "hakama skirt" but was also being used for pants and shorts.

How exactly is this supposed to work when you can't always identify what type of hakama it is? Something like post #5080040 doesn't show enough to allow it to be specified what type of hakama it is beyond that it is a hakama. We also have images like post #5388618 where it is assumed what type of hakuma it is, but there is no real way of knowing what the artist was drawing.

The same can be said for things like sweater vs shirt when only the neck or sleeves are visible. It's a mix of canon tagging and common sense.

That said, if the hakama is so out of frame that you can't even tell what type it is, why would you be tagging its color? Is post #5080040 what someone wants to see when they're searching for red hakama skirts?
It doesn't make sense to keep tags like these around just to be able to tag barely visible content.