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Shorten NIKKE qualifiers

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BUR #12144 has been approved by @evazion.


rename alice_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> alice_(nikke)
rename rapi_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> rapi_(nikke)
rename neon_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> neon_(nikke)
rename diesel_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> diesel_(nikke)
rename anis_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> anis_(nikke)
rename exia_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> exia_(nikke)
rename marian_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> marian_(nikke)
rename ludmilla_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> ludmilla_(nikke)
rename scarlet_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> scarlet_(nikke)
rename espinel_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> espinel_(nikke)
rename mary_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> mary_(nikke)
rename guillotine_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> guillotine_(nikke)
rename liberty_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> liberty_(nikke)
rename admi_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> admi_(nikke)
rename mica_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> mica_(nikke)
rename maxine_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> maxine_(nikke)
rename belorta_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> belorta_(nikke)
rename eunhwa_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> eunhwa_(nikke)
rename n102_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> n102_(nikke)
rename yulha_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> yulha_(nikke)
rename novel_(goddess_of_victory:_nikke) -> novel_(nikke)

Following in line with previous BURs which changed the qualifiers for copyrights to appropriate shorthands (ex. topic #18014), and with its preregistration starting on the 7th, it may be as good a time as any to finally have NIKKE's qualifiers filled down. Also probably a good time to, if need be, change any names if there's been any localization changes in the CBT that was held a bit ago.