BOTW2 Official name

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HeeroWingZero said:

It's a sequel but whether or not the implication to BotW should be kept is a legitimate concern since we don't have implications for any of the other sequel games (Majora's Mask/Ocarina of Time, Phantom Hourglass/The Wind Waker).

It feels weird to have one implicate the other now (despite TOTK technically being a sequel to BOTW), imo. I would see a more solid reason to implicate if BOTW wasn't just the name of a single game but a name of a subseries within the Legend of Zelda franchise (in which case, there would probably be a the legend of zelda: breath of the wild 1 tag as well).

Majora's Mask and Phantom Hourglass take place in different settings, with (mostly) different characters, from their predecessor games. Tears of the Kingdom, meanwhile, takes place in the same Hyrule, with ostensibly the same characters. That was why I argued for implicating it to Breath of the Wild, when it was known as BOTW2, back when it was revealed.

Now, as we get more scraps of information, I can see TOTK deemphasizing Hyrule in favor of the new sky world, so I'm not against deimplicating the tag.