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original title: source search doesn't work

I wanted to add third-party source to all the colorful palette posts missing it so I did the search source:*fandom* colorful_palette, but nothing is found. Then I tried source:*fandom* and it seems to work fine, source:*projectsekai* colorful_palette also works yet not source:*projectsekai.fandom* colorful_palette. Not quite understanding the problem here?

p.s. third-party source isn't on any of the fandom sourced posts so if it's actually a second-party source please correct me.


You've been confused by source normalization. Though what you end up seeing is a Fandom domain, the underlying source is in fact static.wikia.nocookie.net/. The information that can be derived from that URL allows Danbooru to then convert it into an actually usable source - that way, we can have the direct image URL without sacrificing the ability to go to the original source. If you were to look a bit deeper in source:*fandom* you'll find a bunch of posts tagged bad source because they aren't using the direct image URL. Another example of this is how the vast majority of Pixiv-sourced posts are in fact pximg.net/.

Try searching source:*wikia* colorful_palette.

Also, those Fandom posts for Colorful Palette should probably be third-party source - folks are often rather loose on using that tag for official art.

Comparing https://projectsekai.fandom.com/wiki/Gallery?file=The_Target_Won%27t_Get_Away.png and https://projectsekai.fandom.com/wiki/File:The_Target_Won%27t_Get_Away.png, which one is preferred? The former is the one extracted by Danbooru, it's public, but it leads to a nonexistent page with a pop up window so it's not exactly better then a bad link. The latter leads to the file page with all it's meta information, the only inconvenience is that it requires an account to view it.

Nameless_Contributor said:

For me the latter link redirects to https://projectsekai.fandom.com/wiki/Kusanagi_Nene/Cards which is one of the pages containing the image but also contains other images.
It seems there's no way to link to a file outside a specific page, so normalizing it to "Gallery" is a bit of a hack.

As I explained fandom requires an account to view the meta information of files, unfortunately.

The actual page looks like this

Alternate solution: link the source to one of those wiki pages containing the image, ideally not that huge gallery page but the individual card pages, if they have one. For this one, it would probably be this

p.s. The link extracted by Danbooru doesn’t work on mobile, another reason not to prefer it.