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Removing some qualifiers from project sekai tags.

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BUR #12423 has been rejected.

create alias leo/need_(project_sekai) -> leo/need
create alias more_more_jump!_(project_sekai) -> more_more_jump!
create alias vivid_bad_squad_(project_sekai) -> vivid_bad_squad
create alias wonderlands_x_showtime_(project_sekai) -> wonderlands_x_showtime
create alias 25-ji_night_code_de._(project_sekai) -> 25-ji_night_code_de.
rename hoshino_ichika_(project_sekai) -> hoshino_ichika
rename hoshino_ichika -> hoshino_ichika_(collar_x_malice)

Separate from the other proseka BUR.
The qualifiers on the band names feel a bit excessive to me, seeing how other copyrights like hololive or bang dream don't have them.

As for Ichika, she has overtaken the other character a while ago. If people *really* want to make chartags for every costume , the _(project_sekai) will make the tag even more bloated.

These tags need qualifiers both for the sanity of people who don't know the franchise and see these random names in the sidebar and have no idea why they're there, and of those who do in order to give them more visibility.

Your character renames are also out of order, if this was approved the two character tags would be merged, making it impossible to then separate them. But we typically don't remove qualifiers for tags this small if there's conflicts.