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remove implication hoodie -> hood

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BUR #12524 has been rejected.

remove implication hoodie -> hood

It took less than a minute browsing the hoodie tag to find post #5705996, post #5706448, post #5703420, post #5704939 and post #5702449. All are tagged with hood because of this implication, yet the hood is not visible in any of them. I have my gripes with the hoodie tag as noted in topic #21532, but this is much more clear-cut.

Talulah said:

I think the fact that such a request has to be made is evident of a problem with the hoodie tag. It's (according to the wiki, anyway) supposed to be used in place of hooded sweatshirt (doesn't exist) but it ends up used on things ranging from jackets to cardigans to onesies.

As an aside nobody actually tags sweatshirts correctly either.

I agree the hoodie tag has a myriad of issues, but for now this BUR will immediately fix this hood problem.

As nonamethanks said, even if it's barely there it's still a hood in the image, and tagging a hoodie without hood is like tagging a hooded_anything without hood, it's just dumb. The tag would be added anyway if someone used hood down since it implies it.