Nuke random naval guns and equipment tags

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The bulk update request #12652 has been approved by @evazion.

nuke catapult_plane
nuke dual-purpose_gun
nuke superfiring
nuke torpedo_belt
nuke type_96_25mm_at/aa_gun
nuke type_13_early_warning_radars
nuke type_21_air_search_radar
nuke type_22_surface_radars
nuke type_94_anti-aircraft_fire_detector
nuke type_95_aa_director
nuke type_95_aa_control_tower

No pun intended. These tags are incredibly unintuitive. You cannot simply "just look it up" and then be able to identify them in images nor do they seem useful. And they're all added by one guy. Don't know if I missed anything.

Other: range finder, catapult launcher, bofors 40 mm gun

NOTE: Type 91 armor-piercing shell seems iconic to Kancolle; keep unless we switch to something more generic like "naval gun shell" (like tank shell for tanks).