Touhou LW implications

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The bulk update request #12696 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create implication touhou_lost_word -> touhou
create implication mysterious_sword_master -> konpaku_youmu
create implication lunar_war_gardener -> konpaku_youmu
create implication lunar_war_enchanter -> kirisame_marisa
create implication lunar_war_soldier -> reisen_udongein_inaba
create implication lunar_war_oracle -> kochiya_sanae
create implication lunar_war_servant -> izayoi_sakuya
create implication witch_of_scarlet_dreams -> kirisame_marisa

AU (?) versions of the characters, and the game itself.

These could maybe also use a rename... Though I don't know if konpaku_youmu_(mysterious_sword_master) wouldn't be too long, and konpaku_youmu_(r8) wouldn't be too vague (see: Gamepress wiki).


Well that is mainly because all those outfits from other unofficial sources don't get outfit tags in the first place and instead only get tagged under their respective copyright. The fact that these outfits get their own tag at all already makes them look more official.