Emden Tag Explanation Addition and Questions on tagging her

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Emden (azur lane)'s notes are not entirely accurate. Emden in game are two different characters sharing the same body. "White" Emden is the Dresden-class light cruiser as mentioned in the notes however, the "Black" Emden is a Königsberg-class training cruiser. The fact the two are different people with different memories sharing the same body leads me into my question. Should dual persona be used for these characters with that knowledge in mind? The tag verbatim states "Two different versions of the same character appearing together in the same image." I get that it would apply to a character with an alternate persona but they are ultimately the same person whereas Emden are two people in one body. Does the tag account for two characters sharing a body and name in its implications or is this not valid tag Emden?

To the end of the tag explanation situation which you can see when clicking [?] I am just formally asking for permission to add the additional information later without modifying anything else. As for the issue of the dual persona tag, that is what I am primarily asking for deliberation on. The answer will better allow me to tag new posts should a similar issue to Emden appear.

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Apologies but "Black" Emden is the 1915 Königsberg class of cruiser, I mistook her for the third Emden from the Weimar Republic. Germany naming multiple ship classes Königsberg and multiple ships Emden does not help when cross referencing this stuff between the information the game gives and what wikis can offer.