Tensei Oujo to Tensai Reijou official spellings

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create alias anne-sophia_wynn_palletia -> anisphia_wynn_palettia
create alias euphilia_magenta -> euphyllia_magenta

Spellings as they are used in the official English translation for the novels. Also, note the former is アニスフィア (Anisufia) in katakana, and does not sound that much like "Anne-Sophia". I'll edit the smaller count character spellings after this alias goes through.

nonamethanks said:

Official sources seem to be saying that anisphia is the nickname, and the full name is Anne-Sophia. See for example https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2022/08/11-1/the-magical-revolution-of-the-reincarnated-princess-and-the-genius-young-lady-yuri-light-novel-gets-2023-tv-anime.

From reading the novel itself, that's not the case, though. "Anisphia" is her full given name, and she's nicknamed "Anis". That seems to be the case in the original Japanese version as well since the official anime profile has her nickname "Anis" (アニス) in parentheses.

I'm not inclined to think Crunchyroll's article was officially informed. English Wikipedia (with no source) had her name rendered incorrectly in the same manner even before that article.