Do we need Madoka Magica genderswap character tags?

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There was also akemi homura (male), but it got nuked in June around the same time when Akuma Homura was finally aliased to the regular Homura tag. In terms of names, all of the tag names (including male!Homura's now-nuked tag) are derived from Pixiv (as you can see in Sakura Kyousuke's Other Name). They have a full genderswapped series tag, and even have shiptags (ex. ♂杏さや♀, shipping Sakura Kyousuke with Miki Sayaka).

I assume the reason why nothing had been done so far with those tags is because of topic #20366 concerning genderswapped Haruhi tags, though they had the boon of having generally consistent designs. If the same can't be proven for the genderswapped Madoka tags, then as NNT says.