Turtleneck crop top

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BUR #13020 has been rejected.

create implication turtleneck_crop_top -> turtleneck
create implication turtleneck_crop_top -> crop_top
create implication sleeveless_turtleneck_crop_top -> turtleneck_crop_top
create implication sleeveless_turtleneck_crop_top -> sleeveless

A turtleneck crop top is a shirt that covers the neck while leaving the stomach bare, thus it should imply related tags. I don't think it's a bad tag, even if it's small - while it is a composite tag in theory, shirts that are both of those things at once feel a bit more "unique" than both elements separately.
I'm not sure if we need the triple composite tag of sleeveless turtleneck crop top, but since it exists, I decided to not skip it. I wouldn't exactly be against nuking it, though.