alias kaname_madoka_(swimsuit_costume) -> kaname_madoka_(swimsuit_ver.)

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No. While they both refer to costumes of Kaname Madoka within Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Gaiden, they are actually different costumes. Swimsuit Costume refers to an unplayable but obtainable (named) costume for the "generic" Madoka, and can be seen here. Swimsuit ver. refers to a separate playable Madoka alt, which can be seen here.

Other characters in Magia Record also have a similar duality, like Tamaki Iroha (swimsuit ver.) vs Tamaki Iroha (swimsuit costume), Tomoe Mami (swimsuit ver.) vs Tomoe Mami (swimsuit costume) or Sakura Kyouko (swimsuit ver.) vs Sakura Kyouko (swimsuit costume).

See also topic #21223, where most Magireco costume BURs occur.