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imply image_fill -> double_exposure

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nonamethanks said:

As a side note, these tags are severely undertagged. See starry_sky_print for example.

I’ll have to say it’s often hard to tell if something is just intense starry sky print or actually double exposure, this is the kind of situation where artists themselves don’t make the distinction, especially since starry/nebula print is fairly popular. And this doesn’t just apply to clothes, I had trouble with post #5508225 cause I wasn’t sure if that’s double exposure or just an average fantasy food.
Maybe we should keep double exposure for the more obvious ones, like post #5637359.

By the way, there’s also blending, which can also get confusing (see forum #224527), especially now that there’s image fill, post #5365712 (image fill) and post #5710977 (blending) has zero difference.