Deprecate or make berry umbrella tag?

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Berry is currently stated as an ambiguous tag, and the wiki suggests that of you can't identify the type of berry, just tag fruit, but fruit is a really big tag and it's filled with other types of fruits, there should be a way for someone to find generic small berry fruits, so it is possible that we turn it into an umbrella tag of all berries?

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  • The_Bob said:

    I think we should deprecate it. It's a weird classification in the first place. Technically, a banana is a berry and a strawberry isn't.

    Generally, we prefer to use terms as they're commonly used, over the technically correct way to use them. If we kept berry, it would definitely apply to strawberries, it's in the name, and a strawberry looks more like what people generally expect a berry to look like than a banana does.

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