Hair cubes

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The bulk update request #13160 has been rejected.

create alias cube_hair_ornament -> hair_cubes

There is some inconsistency on the format taken with similar aliases:
*_hair_ornament -> hair_*
hair_* -> *_hair_ornament

The tags are completely redundant, though, so an alias needs to be done one way or the other. Aliasing to hair cubes is the simpler solution, as it's the much longer established tag of the two and already has an implication to "hair ornament".

nonamethanks said:

cube_hair_ornament imo should be the main tag, because 1) it's singular over plural, which prevents someone from making hair_cube in the future, and 2) hair_cubes could be confused for cube-shaped hair buns, which is honestly what I first thought it was about.

Is there even any examples of a hairstyle like that? But yeah, it could be confused if there was.

So I forget how this goes. Should I make sure the existing implication is removed before aliasing, or will it automatically be transferred if I do a hair cubes -> cube hair ornament alias?