Mass tagging Faputa

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BUR #13261 has been rejected.

mass update faputa -id:5672073 -> animal_ears
mass update faputa -hoodie -id:5672073 -> body_fur
mass update faputa -hoodie -id:5674644,5344690,4948659,4525233,4098028 -> white_fur
mass update faputa -hoodie -id:5672073,5752153,5527400,5472787,4948659,4941719 -> animal_hands
mass update faputa -id:5672073,5581182,4958362,4958361,4525233,4098028 -> dark-skinned_female

Tags that are missing from a few hundreds posts of hers with little exceptions. I believe I've rounded up all those that needed be excluded already.

@Estherix it's just faster if you do this kind of tagging yourself using the built-in tag script (in the sidebar, mode -> tag script, insert the tags you want to add then click on all posts that apply). We're often too busy to go through this kind of request and verify that every single post fits correctly.