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What is the difference between otoko no ko, bishounen and androgynous

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otoko no ko / bishounen if the character is known to be male. crossdressing if they are wearing clothes which are exclusively for females. 1girl if the true gender is a spoiler and not visible.

1other with androgynous / ambiguous gender if the gender will be considered different by different people.

androgynous if there are both female and male features in the build of the character. ambiguous gender when none.

otoko no ko if a male hasn't developed male features and is made to look feminine. bishounen if the adult male looks very feminine. bishounen might look androgynous whereas otoko no ko might seem ambiguous gender or entirely like some stereotypical girl.

This classification is highly subjective. And sexist, but that is to be expected.

Catshavedoritoears said:
I’ve seen a lot of similarities between these tags what exactly are the differences

You could just read the wiki for these tags, but The Bob's decription sums it all.

ppp_laivu_stato said:
crossdressing if they are wearing clothes which are exclusively for females.

Just adding that crossdressing also applies to manly guys wearing female clothing, and girls wearing male clothing.

otoko no ko: A boy who could be passed as female if no one was told otherwise, or no clues leading to it.

Bishounen: A boy who is very handsome, but not in a masculine macho way.
- Bifauxnen: A girl who uses bishounen features to appear masculine (in a male way).

Androgynous: A person that carries all of the features that both boys and girls share, but none of the features that boys and girls have exclusively.
- Or a person that has so many features that makes you think they're one gender, but there's one other trait so conspicuous, it makes you rethink it.
- Does not have to be attractive to be androgynous.