A tag I suggested on gelbooru, but probably more suited here. ass_covered_by_skirt?

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I posted this on Gelbooru, but I realized it's better suited here. It's broad in scope and would take lots of re-tagging. The post included a pool and some examples, all hosted on Gelbooru. But I can make a pool here as well if it's convenient. I'll just copy paste the post I made there:

There's a very specific type of image I enjoy, but there's no way to search for it without using an absurd number of negative tags. Basically, the girl's ass is completely covered by a loose, pleated skirt, so you can't see any (or not much) skin or panties, but you can see the shape/outline through the fabric. It's like the fabric is so thin that it drapes over her ass, so you see the curve of both cheeks. This is much more common with miniskirts and tight dresses, but I prefer a loose, pleated skirt. Sometimes it's pretty subtle and only suggested by shading.

I made a pool for it, but it's not definitive: https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=pool&s=show&id=56879

It's also fine if a little bit of panty or ass is visible, but the top is still covered by the skirt. The main point is that the way they skirt drapes over the top. This category is also included in the pool.
To be honest, it has the same appeal even if the panties are highly visible. The main point is that you can make out the shape through the parts that are covered by fabric. Take these examples. Panties are clearly visible in these, but just look at the top half of the skirt.

Anyway, I've considered making a tag for this for a while. But I'm not sure what to name it. The working name is ass_covered_by_skirt. Any other ideas?

If this is too specific, I could also make a much broader tag called clothed_ass, covered_ass, fully_clothed_ass, or something like that. It would be any ass pic which is fully covered by clothes (no skin or panties), but the outline/shape is visible. Not necessarily a pleated skirt, but it could be pants, shorts, tight dresses, etc. Then I could simply search this tag followed by "pleated_skirt." However, having to search two tags wouldn't be as reliable. Moreover, it would be a massive task to go back and re-tag something this broad in scope. That's why I would prefer my first idea.

largesoda999 said:

[...] Moreover, it would be a massive task to go back and re-tag something this broad in scope. That's why I would prefer my first idea.

To be fair, by design the tag will inevitably require a massive amount of tag gardening.

Though when i think about the purpose of tagging, i dont see why this new tag would need to be broader than just loose skirts falling into the ass crack. Pants, shorts etc, already are drawn very often in that way, and also it makes more sense for those to do that, with some types just being designed that way, while for skirts its much less common and more often than not a stylistic choice by the artist, much like the covered nipples and covered navel, which makes me personally think the tag you're proposing would be a good enough addition. Though for tight dresses/skirts it would also fall into the impossible clothes category