What should we do with the tag "showing"?

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The tag showing currently has total of 60 posts. I interpreted its purpose as the following:

1.) When a character is seen showing object to the viewer.

    • post #5830325 as an example, where Ayano is seen showing her wardrobe full of scarves,
    • post #5229979, Isonami opens the lid of transparent food container and seems to show its content to the viewer while extending her left arm,
    • post #5703021, the white-haired girl is seen holding a photo clearly visible to the viewer.
    • the obnoxious Soyjak showing his phone meme

2.) When a character is seen showing or presenting object to other(s).

    • post #5865157 as an example, where the tank soldier is showing a book page right in front of the soldier with round glasses.

I do not mistake this tag for describing the act of a character intentionally showing his/her private parts to the viewer/another/others/public. Not to be confused with presenting.
Currently there's still no wiki page that explains its usage. Would it be a better idea to keep it as active tag by adding a wiki of which content is based on the two points of usage? Or otherwise?
If this seems too ambiguous for you, would you suggest deprecating it? I would like to hear others' thoughts and humble opinions regarding tags.