how to tag tachi-e, sprite and game cg?

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Three old tags that never got resolved

The first sentence on tachi-e's wiki states that it has to be a full body, yet one of the examples on the page is not (post #2922420).

Wiki also implies that tachi-e and faux figurine are mutually exclusive, but are they really?

From wiki:

Tachi-e is not applicable if image:


  • Is a faux figurine or a dakimakura

And occasionally, can tachi-e be applied to non-standing posts? since a lot of games like to have more variety of poses.

In various previous topics game cg has been stated to be for direct rips only, but why the distinction? If someone is looking for game cg, would they not want to see arts used in the game just because the source is from social media? What about official sites or second/third-part sourced wikis? Should they not be tagged as game cg?

And how does sprite interact with them? Its wiki is unclear and it's unpopulated.

Game cg should cover all sorts of art from games, but is currently mainly reserved for visual novels, what about all the other types of games? (game cards, gacha skin, backgrounds, lore concept art, etc) See also forum #213004.


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  • Tachi-e is one of those weird tags that can be expressed as a combination of other tags, but it has more to it than just a combination.

    When writing current wiki for tachi-e I've tried to condense niconico's description of the tag. Full-body is not really a strict requirement, "rule of thumb" is the only important section, rest are just examples. Tachi-e are images that could be used in games and related media (vtubing, wikis, etc...). Say, you won't see post #5565038 in games as a character sprite even though it perfectly match full-body standing solo simple_background tag set, but post #2755864 you definitely will. And this is what makes them distinct from faux figurine, e.g. post #5270256 is also a good match for tachi-e, but not really something that can be used as a character sprite (it will obstruct good chunk of the screen).

    Also, one more thing to note. (simple_background or transparent_background) and solo and standing results in a lot of pictures that look like tachi-e, but at the time of writing the wiki it was not possible to do such search + users below gold won't be able to perform it at all. IIRC this was a valid reason for tags existence in the past.

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