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current policy seems to suggest that any allusion of two unrelated franchise that aren't characters should get the Parody tag, however Parody has the connotation of humor even if there are allusions that aren't humorous, see most mona lisa tagged posts.

i would suggest allusion for this new tag, but i feel like that's a superset of the likes of parody, crossover and fusion and thus would be too ambiguous

Mexiguy said:

This is just dumb tag literalism, IMO. Also "allusion" is a terrible name, but I guess reference would be too ambiguous.

glad you agree with me that allusion wouldn't work

blindVigil said:

Parody doesn't exclusively mean humorous, something can be a parody without being a joke.

it doesn't, yes, but it can, besides, aren't we in the process of pruning out "oldbooru" stuff like ambigous or subjective tags such tas this? besides, i'm sure some people wouldn't want to have to see the 1500 jack-o'_challenge posts or such.

another nail in the coffin for the current need for something like this proposal to crystallize the usecase is that jack-o'_challenge has about equal tagged images under parody as it does meme