Male nipples can use a bit more clarification on raiting guidance

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Currently, according to the "broadly speaking" section of howto:rate, both male and female swimwear, lacking other qualifiers, should be rated Sensitive. However, the first qualifier of "Questionable" states: "Simple non-genital nudity, including nipples, areolae, and bare ass." This qualifier, if applied strictly, would make males wearing swimming trunks to become Questionable, while females wearing (non-sexualized) swim wears to be Sensitive, purely because the normal male swim wear does not cover up nipples of the man.

I suggest revising the first qualifier of Questionable to be:
"Simple non-genital nudity, including female nipples, areolae, and bare ass."

This way, the text of the guideline becomes more attuned with the spirit of the guideline in aspect of capturing the general understanding of the different degrees of sensitivity regarding male and female toplessness.

I don’t disagree with the sentiment, but I feel like specifying “female” is going to open up a can of worms we don’t want to deal with. Personally, I think the nudity qualifier is enough; while shirtless men may be literally nude in the sense of lacking clothes, it’s not usually considered “nudity” in an adult content sense.

Alternatively, we could replace nipples and areolae with just breasts.