Reform of Decades Style Tags

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some of the most glaring problems
- 1930s_(style) is just 98% cuphead fanart
- 2020s_(style) already has several dozen tagged images despite not even being 3 years in yet

there's also the fact that not everyone here is an expert on a given decades plethora of artstyles, because Ghibli, Jojo, NGE, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z are all from the 90s yet none of them have close to even what's considered a "90s anime style" today
as well as that Panty and Stocking and PMMM are from the 2010s yet their styles couldn't be more different

so either decade style should become a pool due to how subjective it is, or if its kept, the wikis should be expanded on what is considered a style of a given decade(likely an associated meta wiki of artists/works), perhaps even a pool of the various styles seen for that decade.

I've already left my comment on Discode, but I'm leaving it here too so that I won't forget what I said.

(...) people know the major media that they saw at that era, and when they look at the drawing style of the new post, they think, "Oh, this reminds me of that work," and then they add a tag like 2000s SMT.
Of course, it's very rare for people to know all the cartoons and animations released in an era, so I think it's right for someone to add a "*_(style)" tag whenever they think of it.

Fortunately, there is a site where you can find all the works from a certain era.