Weapon-related implications

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The bulk update request #14034 has been rejected.

create implication pointing_weapon -> holding_weapon
create implication pointing_sword -> holding_sword
create implication half-swording -> holding_sword
create implication unsheathing -> holding_weapon
create implication pointing_gun -> holding_gun
create implication gangsta_hold -> holding_gun
create implication trigger_discipline -> holding_gun
create implication pointing_gun -> aiming

I can't think of any case where someone could be pointing a weapon without holding it.
Logically means that holding sword and holding gun should also be implied by their respective pointing tags.
Same logic goes for wielding styles (not sure how to call it) like half-swording which has all its posts contain a character holding a sword, reverse grip and unsheathing both mean a weapon is held, and gangsta hold and trigger discipline both mean a gun is held.

I am sure i am missing some other tags that are applicable for similar implications but dont have those implications yet, anyone with the knowledge can of course suggest additions.

Super_Affection said:

Is there a distinction between pointing_weapon and aiming + holding_weapon? If not, update or alias might be more appropriate there.

pointing weapon can apply to any kind of weapon, whether it is a blade weapon or a ranged weapon, while aiming can only be tagged with a ranged weapon, at least that is what i currently understand of it.

nonamethanks said:

unsheathing can also apply to other weapons: post #5658289, post #4671626.

reverse grip can be used for parodies: post #169874, for example.

ah i should have checked those as well for exceptions, removing reverse grip from the BUR, and changing the unsheathing implication request to holding_weapon instead then.