alias scissor_blade -> scissor_blade_(weapon)

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The bulk update request #14087 has been rejected.

create alias scissor_blade -> scissor_blade_(weapon)

This tag is supposed to be for the weapon from Kill la Kill, however it's also being used for other copyrights (post #4870765, post #5143563) and for normal scissors (post #5904701). Not sure if there's any point in restricting it to kill la kill, but it definitely needs a qualifier to prevent people from just using it on giant scissors (post #4450819).

I think trying to make a clear distinction between scissor blades which are weapons and scissor blades which aren't weapons, would be difficult in general.

It would be like having a knife_(weapon) tag — what makes it a weapon? does it have to be a giant knife? held in a threatening way? unless it's something like a butter_knife, most knives can be considered weapons or used as weapons,
with scissor blades you would run into the same problem, having to come up with some criteria to classify each blade as weapon or non-weapon,
or you could avoid it by just sticking to tagging easily identifiable traits like whether the blades are singular or paired, maybe oversized_single_scissor_blade if you really want to have a tag specifically for the kill-la-kill type blades.

World_Funeral said:

I think there's no need to do so. We already have combat knife which represents specific type of knife designed for combat and survival. It actually depends on how the character is depicted using it. Like on post #4103787 depicts a regular axe intended for woodworking tool, instead of battle axe intended for combat.

great that you have some thoughts on how to classify knives and axes as weapons, now you need to direct that train of thought towards scissor blades in order for the scissor_blade_(weapon) tag to become viable