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The bulk update request #14375 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

deprecate ears_touching
deprecate touching_ears
create alias touching_own_ear -> hand_on_own_ear
create alias touching_another's_ear -> hand_on_another's_ear
create alias ears_together -> ear-to-ear

Some more ambiguous tags. I just created ear-to-ear because both ears touching and touching ears were a mix of ears together and people touching random ears.

There's a few more ambiguous tags about this, like ear_pull.

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  • The bulk update request #14377 has been rejected.

    create alias ear_fondling -> playing_with_another's_ears
    create implication playing_with_another's_ears -> hand_on_another's_ear

    Holy fuck there's a lot of these tags.

    Not too sure about this one, whether they should stay separate or be aliased together, so putting it up to a vote.

    Nevermind, this can't happen because there's stuff like ear blowing. These two tags are probably better tackled in another thread.

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