Potential new tag: "frame_within_frame"

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An idea for a potential new tag called "frame_within_frame", describing images where an alternate version of the image is shown within a frame diegetic to the scene (as an example, on a phone screen). This would not include images which are simply internally framed, such as a doorway in the center of the image.

Some examples:
post #1032503
post #5898251
post #5967526

The name is only tentative, so other suggestions would be appreciated.

Could post #5731874 fall under this concept? It fits the theme of an alternate version of the scene being framed, though it's not internal. The tag name could also use some work, since I've already seen images which are framed using phone screens or picture frames which would fall under the most literal application of the tag. It could be a non-issue, but it could also lead to some mistagging, which would be an issue.

Two possibilities for names right now: The one in the title ("frame_within_frame"), which has the benefit of being descriptive and an actual art term, though is also easily misinterpreted, and "alternate_frame", which is specific enough to describe just this concept, but has the downside of not being particularly illustrative without reading its wiki page for clarification. These two are the best I can come up with at the moment. Ideally it should be illustrative from the name alone and hard to misinterpret, but that seems to be asking for a lot. More possible names would be appreciated! It's difficult to come up with a name for this concept.

So after many months of nothing with this potential tag really happening, I'd like to open it up for discussion again because I think it's worth making. A better name for it came to mind as well, that being "revealing_frame". The name follows the format of revealing_layer, of course. I'm not sure why I didn't consider following that before.