Argyle background vs rhombus background

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We know that argyle is a pattern that consists of symmetrical rhombuses. Traditionally speaking, argyle pattern has some sort of diagonal dotted lines forming X. For instance, I consider post #5854597 to have rhombus background, while I can consider post #5492244 to have argyle one due to extra outlines (dotted or not).
Despite the difference that I noticed, should we alias argyle background and rhombus background into a single tag?

Personally I wanted argyle background to be aliased into rhombus background, because not all patterned backgrounds that consist of rhombuses look like the archetypical argyle.


Talulah said:

diamond background is already aliased to argyle background so I'm not convinced making the tag rhombus background is particularly helpful. I don't think anyone ever uses the term rhombus outside of a geometry class.

Sorry, but the tag rhombus background was used in 13-years old post #589459, far before I made found this interesting site. And it was not me who edited it. I'm all open to mind-changing suggestions.