Shironeko Project Character's Official Romanization

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BUR #14491 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias maaru_(shironeko_project) -> marl_(shironeko_project)
create alias oscrol_las_casas -> oscurol_(shironeko_project)
create alias oskulolu -> oscurol_(shironeko_project)
create alias luka_(shironeko_project) -> luca_(shironeko_project)
create alias catra_(shironeko_project) -> catora_(shironeko_project)
create alias iris_(shironeko_project) -> airis_(shironeko_project)

Now that there's another Shironeko Project game released outside Japan (Neko GOLF, a spin-off fantasy golf game), it means that now we have an official romanization of several characters appearing in the game. I limited this BUR to only the characters in Neko GOLF as of this writing.

As for Oscurol, there is a duplicate tag for the same character, but whether the resulting tag should be the "full name" or what she's referred in-game, I'm fine with either. (There're also characters without their own tags, but I wouldn't touch it for now)