nuking striped parent tags in favor of striped_clothes

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The bulk update request #14510 has been rejected.


deprecate striped
deprecate vertical_stripes
deprecate diagonal_stripes
create alias striped_clothing -> striped_clothes
create alias vertical-striped_clothing -> vertical-striped_clothes
create alias diagonal-striped_clothing -> diagonal_striped_clothes
create implication striped_apron -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_bike_shorts -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_bikini -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_bra -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_buruma -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_dress -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_footwear -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_gloves -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_hairband -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_headwear -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_hoodie -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_jacket -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_kimono -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_leotard -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_one-piece_swimsuit -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_pajamas -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_panties -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_pants -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_pantyhose -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_sarong -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_scarf -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_scrunchie -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_shirt -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_shorts -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_skirt -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_socks -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_sweater -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_thighhighs -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_vest -> striped_clothes
create implication striped_bowtie -> striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_apron -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_bikini -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_bra -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_dress -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_gloves -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_headwear -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_jacket -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_kimono -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_leotard -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_panties -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_pants -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_pantyhose -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_scarf -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_shirt -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_shorts -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_skirt -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_socks -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_swimsuit -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_thighhighs -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_vest -> vertical-striped_clothes
create implication vertical-striped_clothes -> striped_clothes
create implication diagonal-striped_necktie -> diagonal-striped_clothes
create implication diagonal-striped_bowtie -> diagonal-striped_clothes
create implication diagonal-striped_skirt -> diagonal-striped_clothes
create implication diagonal-striped_bikini -> diagonal-striped_clothes
create implication diagonal-striped_neckerchief -> diagonal-striped_clothes
create implication diagonal-striped_headwear -> diagonal-striped_clothes
create implication diagonal-striped_clothes -> striped_clothes
mass update favgroup:19997 -striped_clothes -> striped_clothes
mass update striped striped_clothes -> -striped
mass update vertical_stripes vertical-striped_clothes -> -vertical_stripes
mass update diagonal_stripes diagonal-striped_clothes -> -diagonal_stripes

Following in the footsteps of topic #19987. Some minor differences between the two BURs, however.

I added an implication for striped_bowtie rather than striped_bow because not all bows are worn as clothing (post #5061996, #3036339 etc.); as there is currently no vertical-striped_bowtie tag, this implication cannot exist yet.

Since diagonal_stripes had no implications to it, the diagonal-striped_clothes implications in the BUR are newly created rather than being moved over.

Since striped_clothes already existed with less than 400 posts, the ratio limitations on implications to existing tags were triggered for the larger striped_x implications, preventing the BUR from being created. I made the tag empty to fix this, and added those posts to favgroup:19997 which will be added back as part of the BUR.

While pinstripe_pattern is a striped parent tag, it's a more unique/specific pattern so I feel it deserves its own topic (and this BUR is big enough already).

The bulk update request #14514 has been rejected.

undeprecate vertical-striped_background
undeprecate diagonal-striped_background
create implication vertical-striped_background -> striped_background
create implication diagonal-striped_background -> striped_background

These will be necessary once the initial BUR goes through if we want to keep such information. If this BUR is approved, someone who can mass revert post changes should go through https://danbooru.donmai.us/post_versions?commit=Search&search%5Bremoved_tags_include_all%5D=diagonal-striped_background and https://danbooru.donmai.us/post_versions?commit=Search&search%5Bremoved_tags_include_all%5D=vertical-striped_background and then we'll need another BUR to add implications to striped_background.


striped is currently being used for a lot of things that aren't properly tagged but should be, such as striped fur (for cats, furries, monster girls etc) and striped skin (likewise). I don't know if it's a good idea to straight-out deprecate this tag without first populating all those tags a bit.
I'd check striped -striped_* but it's timing out on me...

nonamethanks said:

striped is currently being used for a lot of things that aren't properly tagged but should be, such as striped fur (for cats, furries, monster girls etc) and striped skin (likewise). I don't know if it's a good idea to straight-out deprecate this tag without first populating all those tags a bit.
I'd check striped -striped_* but it's timing out on me...

I gardened striped -striped_* -pinstripe_pattern furry and striped -striped_* -pinstripe_pattern colored_skin; a majority of the posts in these searches were missing the relevant striped clothes tags (or striped_background). Regardless, striped_skin now exists (45 posts), and striped_fur and striped_tail have been populated a bit more.