Regarding Dehya's hair intakes

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Ive noticed that the vast majority of Dehya's (Genshin Impact character) art here has her hair intakes incorrectly tagged as animal ears and cat ears, even when the art doesnt include animal-ear specific things like animal ear fluff. Notably, all other animal-eared characters in Genshin Impact have this feature.
Unless theres opposition or im missing something here, I'd like to go ahead and correct those tags.

Genshin posts are prone to being heavily mistagged, it comes with the territory for these bigger copyrights. The tags you mentioned shouldn't be on her posts and are likely being added by posters just clicking everything on related tags and calling it a day (I can't even blame wikis for this one because hers only has alt names for pixiv/twitter tags).

Best course would be to retag them all as hair ears though I'm not sure if it should be used with hair intakes or not.

Animal ear fluff isn't a pre-requisite to tag animal ears, the state of other characters doesn't matter for this, either. Policy is tag what you see. In a lot of art, they just look like animal ears. No matter how you slice it these look like animal ears if you didn't know better.

They should probably be tagged fake animal ears since my understanding is that's exactly what they're supposed to be, but that implicates animal ears so that's staying regardless.