differentiating between normal and dark universe characters in blue archive

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blue archive's fourth pv began a massive new dive into the dark alternate timeline of its universe, previously only hinted at in the prologue. with it is bound to come a lot more fanart of these alternate students. if both the normal and dark version of a character can exist in the same space (see this sequence of flash-frames) they aren't the same individual and should be tagged separately, right? there needs to be a uniform approach to tagging this, since issues like topic #23091 will continue to pop up if jp server continues exploring this part of the story, not to mention spoilers galore for new players.

p.s. gsc president vs. arona:

different issue but also not so I elected not to make another topic. unless we have time travelers among us, the general student council president and arona have not had any confirmed connection in canon, despite their striking resemblance and same voice actor. spoilers notwithstanding (4th pv reveals her full face for the first time), she has appeared thrice in 72 hours and should be retagged sooner rather than later. so, gsc_president_(blue_archive) or the longer version?