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1koma is supposed to be for one-panel comics like post #6017020, but from a glance it's overrun by a number of other very generic concepts and seemingly added at complete random to some posts.

We should follow the current definition in the wiki, which mentions it needs to be an actual panel a la post #6017020. It's already this much of a mess even with that rule in place; if we give the go-ahead to add clauses for some of the above concepts then it would truly become a wild west of a tag, with users twisting said clauses to justify essentially any post being 1koma. As evidenced by my examples, some users already seem to be doing this; imagine if we greenlit such a practice.

There's also a seperate issue with 1koma implying comic, meaning that users removing the 1koma tag routinely don't notice they also need to be removing another at the same time (post #5483979, for example). I don't really have an opinion on whether we should keep the implication or not, just figured I'd mention it (if only so future tag gardeners don't end up doing half a job by accident).

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  • Hope you don't mind me removing some of the cases of 1koma you just cited as examples.

    On topic, I went through some of the examples given to see if there's any pattern behind the mistagging of 1koma. At a theoretical level, we have the issue of a) what constitutes a comic; b) if it constitutes a comic, how do I tag a single segment/part of it here? That ultimately leads to 1koma being used for anything that appears comic-like that could appear in a single panel (with the edge of the image itself effectively becoming the 'panel'), which leads to tag poisoning.

    On a practical level, most of the examples have an issue with tag bleed-in, intentional or not, with users tagging without thinking. The bleed-in appears either from the same copyright, or from the same artist, often exacerbated by singular users in either/or tagging it. Of course, this isn't an issue exclusive to 1koma, ala post #4824924 which had 4koma until I gardened it.

    If there's one thing I'd want to suggest, it is the creation of a tag that can fill in one niche that appears to tagged under 1koma, one exemplified by the first concept, "Posts from series pools or parent/child chains that aren't multiple_views". These posts, if stamped together sequentially, functionally act like a whole comic page and not just a theoretical 'panel'. There's a great number of these on Danbooru that aren't tagged with the koma tags but are tagged comic, exacerbated with the rise of social media allowing folks to have multiple images act as a single whole. Something like segmented_comic or something seems like it'd be worth making to fill that niche.

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  • Considering that our definition of comic is "serial art", 1 panel comic becomes oxymoronic. It seems like comic sometimes get used instead of speech bubble. We would either need to redefine comic or remove the implication.

    As for 1koma, the current wiki supports the parent child example or even pools when ever there is only one panel in a post. This seems to be a case of people actually reading the wiki and getting it wrong rather than going by tag name. Can someone think of a better description?

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