I think the tag head is redundant, consider merging.

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The bulk update request #15053 has been rejected.

deprecate head
create alias severed_head -> head_only

Based on what I read on each tag's respective wikis, they are all meant to be used when only the head is present without body. Both post #5760145 and post #6047283 depict sole character head, far beyond cropped shoulders. But usage context is far different from disembodied head. While head itself seem ambiguous to me when we already have clearer, more specific tags. For the similar reason the tag hand or hair is deprecated. What's the point of having two tags for the same visual concept?

Edit: Also, I think severed head is also redundant. Read its wiki, and it's meant to be used for heads without bodies.
However, I am in favour of keeping disembodied head because it's meant to describe head separate from the body as the aftermath of decapitation or as a displayed (inanmate) object.

Nacha said:
You don't need to deprecate it, if you alias it anyway.

Sure, I changed the BUR.


Nameless_Contributor said:

head is too ambiguous to alias and should be deprecated.
head only should be things like post #6028417, while the name severed head has violent connotations. disembodied head is a shit tag name because it clashes with how we use disembodied limb/disembodied penis and there's not really a reason to have separate tags for severed head with the body present in the image or not.

Fine, changed the BUR again for good. Sorry if you had to disagree. Do you think that severed head should be aliased into disembodied head? The concept is very similar. Meanwhile we got severed hair to describe hair separate from the head, even in non-violent manner.

I also wanted to ask something. Based on my experience having few BURs automatically rejected for having no actions taken - do BUR approvals actually have unwritten, unofficial rules of priority list? It's disappointing. I've seen others' BURs getting approved in less than a week, even only in a day. topic #22816 and topic #22773 are on the brink of rejection despite I have stated legitimate reasons. topic #22770 experienced the worse fate, probably rejected BURs cannot be undone even by the staffs.


Auto-rejection tends to be the admins' way of saying "we do not want to do this BUR". It's pretty rare for BURs to get rejected manually unless they're pretty blatantly bad or problematic. forum #228931 is controversial AND you edited it a month after making it and having people vote on it, so don't expect it to be approved. The other two I have no idea, I'd have to ask the admins.

I rewrote the severed head wiki.

The disembodied head wiki would also need either a rewrite or a renaming. To me it sounds like an artist didnt bother to draw the rest of the body or a head thats floating in the air through magic. Either way the tag isnt being used as the wiki states.

+1 to deprecating just head. Its indeed a useless tag. Head only seems like it could be aliased to portrait but it may need cleaning first.