DSR-50 implications (and more weapons?)

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nonamethanks said:

Wait, shouldn't pps-43 and pps submachine gun be aliased together?

Yes, I think so. But PPS-43 should be aliased into the more general PPS submachine gun, which covers all specific minor variants. post #5901305 depicts the PPS wz. 43/52, Polish variant of the weapon with fixed wooden stock instead of Soviet folding ones.

For the same logic we have the tag M1911 instead of specific M1911A1 because in context of illustrations, lacking distinctions between minor variants.


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nuke pps_submachine_gun
deprecate pps_submachine_gun

Pointless and misused tag being applied to the PPS-43 and the PPSh-41
The PPS_submachine_gun is just the "series" term for the Sudayev submachine guns aka the Pistolet-Pulemet Sudayev 43
The PPSh-41 is a different gun designed by Shpagin. It is not a Sudayev submachine gun and would not fall under the PPS series.