feather_boa -> boa

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The bulk update request #15280 has been rejected.

remove alias boa -> feather_boa
create alias feather_boa -> boa

Reversal of topic #7144

The reason given 11 years ago was "more descriptive tag for the same item", but being descriptive is not an advantage when the description is incorrect. Not all boas are made of feathers, most appear to be fur.

A secondary reason given was due to the possibility of confusion with Boa, the genus of snakes which includes the boa constrictor. In the intervening 11 years there have been all of four posts tagged boa constrictor; three depict the same personification and are tagged boa constrictor only because one of them directly identifies it as a boa constrictor personification. I think the risk of confusion is minimal, as the average user does not need greater specificity than snake. If it's really a genuine concern, make it boa_(garment) instead.

Arcana55 said:

Not all boas are made of feathers, most appear to be fur.

For this minor problem the most logical solution would be to just add a "fur_boa" as an alias, if that's even a name someone would think of when trying to tag those